Friday, December 5, 2008

Mirotic dicekal?

Sebetulnya saya sedikit shock, tapi apa mau dikata. Padahal lagu Mirotic ini sungguh fenomenal. Sudah beberapa versi dibuat ulang dari lagu ini. Sayang, lyrics lagu beken ini harus diubah. Yang penting, dong ban shin ki whaitting!! LOL

Korea’s Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs is on a roll.

After banning Rain and his Magic Stick, the Ministry has now turned their attention to Dong Bang Shin Ki.

Just a couple of days ago, the Ministry banned TVXQ’s hit song “Mirotic” for its “suggestive sexual content” and asked SM Entertainment to change the lyrics of the song.

SM Entertainment negotiated the terms for the condition but like Rain they were left with no choice but to comply with the Ministry’s decision to release an edited version of “Mirotic”.

A representative from SM Entertainment released a statement on December 2, said, “The Commission of Youth Protection has determined ‘Mirotic‘ as one of the songs that are banned, therefore we will release an edited version. However, this decision will not necessarily satisfy Commission of Youth Protection because they have their own measure apart, but this step must be made to prevent further effects.”

Based on Ministry decision, the new and improved “Mirotic” would most likely not include the words ‘jumun’, ‘nol kajjeosso’, and its famous line ‘I got you under my skin’ since these lyrics are “very harmful to the youth”, so the Ministry says.

The squeaky clean version would be effective immediately on all future TVXQ activities.

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