Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First time

Wow, finally! i came to school, tought Japanese and...well, i guess I did an embarrassed thing. I don`t know. I hope nothing`s wrong with me.

They`re noisy student. But, actually a smart student. My friend said that her student (she has different class with me) can`t read Hiragana well. I mean, they`re too lazy to read Hiragana, so the teacher must put romaji in every Hiragana words. But, in my class, they can read Hiragana not bad as I thought before.

So, this is my first time to teach. I`m very nervous and don`t know what to do. But because every minute we laugh together, I thought I can handle it. Even I get wrong when I was tought about time. I don`t know, but it`s not because of nervous, but...that`s me! I mean, my brain little bit delays of thinking LOL

But, you a high school student, they`re likes to play a lot. That`s why they`re noisy. They were asked me any kind of question, like where did I study, or where did I live, yeah, some kind of that.

I`m not really interesting to become a teacher, but being a teacher is not bad. Maybe, some day I will change my mind to teach in high school.

well, I hope this day can be my experience.


Online4ever said...

tetep semangat Miss.. :P

Ellious Grinsant said...

Ngajar Buuuu... hahaha