Monday, January 19, 2009

Hahaha Scene

Ups, I copied the Dong Bang Shin Ki`s song title, Hahaha Song.

Ok, let`s start it. First of all, this is my first post in English, I hope you can understand if you find a mistaken.

This happened when I have been studied at university. Me and my friend was sat in classroom, talked about Korean Boy band and...suddenly my eyes saw a person pass through a window. He sat alone, under the tree, looks like a poor guy. Actually, nothing wrong with this case, if he wasn't wear a halter neck shirt and blazer in the hot air. Can you imagine to wearing that?

So, for us, that could be an enjoyable scene when we bored.

We keep our eyes to him.

We saw how he sat, and then what did he do after day dream for a few minute. After that, we saw that he red a book, or something that we can`t see because he sat backing at us. After a long minute, we saw him already moved. He cleaned his stuff, putt on his bag, and stand up. We laughed together because, when he stand up, the wind blew up his hair, so he looks like an artist act for drama. Its too much.

But, the shock thing is he saw us!

Im not really sure about this, but his eyes came insight to us, even we watched him behind a window. But we laughed a lot.

I never been done this before, keep watching a guy who`s not handsome! It just because I really want to know, what did he do in that place. I mean, no one come to that place, because there`s nothing to do. Quite place, little bit dirty, and looks an alienation.

Hey, i just wondering what did you do, LOL

just for having fun to see you ^^

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