Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another Birthday

For the first time i saw you, i know that you have a charming smile. You`re also really good dancer. Untill now, even sometime i didn`t spent my time to know you more closer, i always proud to be part of fans of Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality that you join in.

You know, i really excited when Ninja Assassin came out. I just want to see how`s your acting and i thought that was good! You looked awesome *____*

And now, i`m proud being A plus --noona. So, because i`m one of the your A plus, i wanna say :

7 Februari 2010

I wish all the best for you and your career. Hope you`ll be act again with your hyung, Rain. Keep practise and always take care your health. I don`t expect that you would get sick again.
Fighting Jooni~a! Fighting MBLAQ!

NOTE: just a some word that i wish Lee Joon could be read.